Our fabrics

The most important issue for our brand when we choose fabrics is quality and caring for animal welfare. We are looking for innovating fabrics, high-quality and toxic free.

Did you know that animals are specially bred for the leather and fur industry. Their farming pollutes the environment, consume huge amounts of food and water. Tanning skins for the fashion leather industry is extremely toxic process which is fouling the rivers and the food we eat every year.


We are constantly looking for new fabrics that will not only be vegan, but also environmental friendly.

Polyurethane is the main component of our fabrics for handbags. We choose only ones that are free of PVC. PVC is very chemical and toxic component.

Our tags are made of recycled paper.

Constantly we learn more about textiles and change our brand. We are looking for fabrics made of recycling or from organic farming. We are exploring and changing each season for better.

Glue used in the production of our bags is 100% vegetable and not tested on animals.

We also use innovative fabric called Pinatex. Pinatex is a fabric made from pineapple. It feels and uses same like natural leather, but it is 100% organic and animal friendly.

We are very excited to be one of the first brands making handbags from Pinatex.

It’s a big step into future of fashion industry.