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BLISS sneakers


Zero waste takes on a new meaning. The unique capsule collection - AXK designed by the Alexandra K are the shoes made of wine-making leftovers. Discover the astonishing technological possibilities and plant power in these new sneakers. Bliss Sneakers collection is the essence of sustainable fashion that has been promoted by the Alexandra K brand for years.

Grape-Leather is an innovative material with a high content of vegetable, renewable  and recycled materials. Its composition  is as much as 77% biomass from the  production of wine and grape oil.  

Alexandra K was the first in Poland to  decide to use this fabric in her summer  collection to create handbags, jackets  and a capsule collection of shoes -  Bliss Sneakers.

The new sneakers are made of Italian fabric, the main composition of which is biomass from the remnants of grapes after wine production. Breathable insole and extremely flexible and light Italian sole are made of recycled shoes and soles. In addition, the sole manufacturer uses renewable energy sources from solar panels.

Bliss sneakers are light, extremely comfortable and breathable. They have a fashionable, timeless design that will last for years.

Each pair is packed in a cotton bag and a box made of recycled cardboard.

Outer fabric: 95% grape-leather, 5% corn-leather

Inner fabric: (shoe insole): recycled material with the addition of cotton

Lining: 100% cotton terry

Sole: EVA bio