Certificates & Awards

Important for us are also certificates that we have. This will guarantee that all our components are 100% vegan. 

People of the Ethical Treatment of Animals

From the beginning of our brand is cooperating with international organization which fights for animal rights.


PETA- approved vegan certificate Alexandra K brand had receive from PETA in 2014. This certificate allows us to be a 100% vegan brand. 
This is a guarantee of checked providers and materials that we use to make our handbags.


Fur Free Retailer program Alexandra K joined in 2015 thanks to Otwarte Klatki organization. This program gathers retailers that guarantee not to sell any natural furs. 
Certificate has also signed by many big brands like ZARA and ASOS. We are proud that Alexandra K could join this program.


We are a winner of Vegan Fashion Awards given by German PETA. This is a very important award for me as in the past in was also given to Stella McCartney who is a big inspiration for me. 

In 2014 we received VEGAN FASHION AWARD given by German PETA for our Casabel Chilli 1.5. This prestige award in the past had receive designer Stella McCartney. 
This is a big distinction for us on the beginning of our activity.



In 2018, we received an award from the British PETA organization in the category of the best vegan bag. The Alexandra K brand has been appreciated for the use of innovative apple leather. Among the winners were some of the most luxury brands such as: Gucci, Burberry and Michael Kors.

PETA FRANCE awarded us for the best vegan jacket in 2018. Biker Jacket is our first proposition from the clothes category. We are happy that our jacket was noticed so quickly and appreciated by the French PETA organization.




During the 23rd "FASHION EXCELLENCE 2021" gala we received an award granted by Twój Styl in the category "PROMISING POLISH BRAND". THE "FASHION EXCELLENCE" contest is considered to be the most prestigious fashion contest in Poland.