Towards the future of a sustainable market. Every day, more and more people are approaching a healthy, but above all ethical lifestyle. The fashion industry cannot be exempt from this innovative and eco-sustainable process.

Intensive farming, high production of CO2, and global warming are important issues, but it is not enough to talk about it. In this case, practical actions make the difference and we, on our side, are making our contribution by saving energy in respect for animals, of water and air while not renouncing to produce.


Alexandra K brand designs are based mainly on innovative fabrics. A few years ago, I fell in love with an Italian company that has been producing synthetic fabrics for almost 50 years. Their knowledge and experience are not assessed. For almost 20 years they have been working on environmentally friendly fabrics. They see the changes taking place and try to stay ahead of the trends. By giving us amazing fabrics, the properties of which they have developed thanks to many years of experience. Their factories power solar lamps. As a vegan and ecological brand, we are glad that we have the opportunity to work with such people. For whom the welfare of animals and taking care of the environment are the greatest values.



Our primary material used in collections is from the BioVeg- called Corn Leather. Family of materials, means it is vegan and its composition is mainly based on biomass.


The products of the BioVeg family represent how the market for alternative materials is much more sustainable compared to natural leather. PETA approved and cruelty-free , they differ from fossil fuel alternatives for their bio content, derived from plant-based resources. This result was achieved through the use of bio-polyols originating from no-food and GMO-freegrains combined with textiles sourced from natural or recycled materials. The use of certified raw materials guarantees their composition: FSC certified viscose or post-consumer chain recycled polyester that is GRS certified


The Veg family is a line of sustainable products that provide the finishing with Bio polyurethane and a moderate content from renewable sources equal to 30%. Up to 1200 bottles can be used to make 100 mtl of our fabric from the Bioveg line. 


BioVeg material certificates:



The articles within the BioVeg family are certified with the BioPreferred Program of the United States Department of Agriculture, which testifies a bio percentage higher than 25% by weight. Measurements made by the University of Georgia’s laboratory have shown that some of our articles can exceed 80% of organic content (according to ISO 16620-4).


The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certifies the correct forest management and the traceability of the viscose used in our BioVeg products. It guarantees that the product has been made with raw materials deriving from forests according to its principal standards: ethical forest management and custody chain GRS.


The Global Recycle Standard (GRS) certifies that the recycled polyester of the fabric originates from Post-Consumer recoveries. The GRS recognises the importance of recycling for the growth of a sustainable production and consumption model, to encourage the reduction of resource consumption and increase the quality of recycled products.

BioVeg innovative fabrics # Real Leather ?


A comparison with leather:

The comparison of impacts resulting from the production of one meter of material from the BioVeg family compared to tanned leather (collecting the standard impacts from public libraries) showed lower environmental impacts. In particular for the Climate Change category (Global Warming in ILCD 2018), acidification of aquatic environments, eutrophication and the use of natural resources. It is clear that the supply of raw materials, which originates from animal breeding, is one of the main sources of significant negative environmental performance. Finally, the tanning process is strongly linked to the use of chemicals.



PU.Materials from renewable energy sources.

The Biogreen project involves the use of raw materials, textile support and high-quality polyurethanes, eco-sustainable from renewable sources. Materials to be considered renewable raw materials are those raw materials that due to their intrinsic characteristics regenerate on a “human” time scale, the future generations. In addition, the polyurethanes applied in the Biogreen project are also “No food competition”. 

The biobased content of these polyurethanes is very high, which guarantees a lower environmental footprint compared to traditional polyurethanes obtained through fossil deriving raw materials.



The Alexandra K brand was the first in Poland to create a collection using an unusual Grape fabric. Grape Leather is an innovative material with a high content of vegetable, renewable and recycled materials. Made in Italy from wine leftovers and grape oil. This is a new vision for the Zero Waste direction. This unique fabric will appear in the summer collection in two color versions. Black is 75% of biomass, while white has it, as much as 77% of the remaining part is PU, but it is extremely ecological because its base is water.



Our PU fabric is a unique combination of technology and quality. We only use Italian and Spanish fabrics from ecological production. Such a production does not use toxic substances, uses little water and energy.

All our fabrics are free of toxic PVC.



Innovative suede material manufactured in Italy. The material is recycled, additionally it is ecological and vegan. Material composition 70% recycled nylon and 30% recycled PU, this fabric's exclusive formula looks and feels like real suede but provides much more durability, tenacity, elasticity, resilience and stain resistance.



Each bag made by Alexandra K is made with highest quality hardware produced in Italy. Because of this each bag will last years. This is what sustainability is for us. High quality products.