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Alexandra Kościkiewicz – founder and designer of vegan brand Alexandra K.

Fashion has strong impact on people and environment that's why it should always make a statement! Consciousness of the environmental problems will bring a new dimension to fashion and therefore the idea of using leather goods is no longer so desirable to the vast majority.

Strong need to show my personal point of seeing world changed quickly into a fashion project. In short time it transformed into a well going business with a clear point of view concentrated on animal and environmental friendly fashion. From the beginning Veganism was the idea that I wanted to show in fashion. I wanted to create a perfect handbag made of high quality synthetic fabric that would look and feel like really leather. I knew it must be all hand-made in a small workshop. Quality was very important straight from the beginning. For over a year I searched for fabrics, hardware and all the elements that where needed for my design. After one and half year first bag our 1.5 model was finally ready. Strong interest in the project led me in 2014 founding Alexandra K as a high fashion brand with hand-made vegan bags. I felt we are doing something important. That we could finally communicate our idea of future in fashion industry.

I design things that are simple, elegant and functional. When I design I care about every detail. I am a perfectionist I do not like to go on compromises. Each project begins with a hand-made drawing, simple sketch, which often I draw spontaneously when I’m inspired by the moment, fabric, place or a person. I want to create things that will complementary our everyday lives. That is why I created a bag  with a functional interior.

Our goal is to convince customers to vegan fashion. We want to show them that vegan synthetic leather can be used in high fashion project. We care about every detail of our products. We use best quality fabrics and hardware’s.  Our bags are one of a kind because each has its own series number.

It is very important to us to develop all the time. We constantly look for new innovating fabrics. We learn all time about different craft technics that will make our designs better. We are not only a vegan brand , but also in many aspects sustainable. Environment and people are issues that are close to our hearts.

Welcome to my world!